I Am Learning

One of my favorite affirmations to embody is ‘I’m learning.’

I’m learning how to sing, dance, teach, eat, breathe, talk, move, live, etc.

And yet, sometimes the most challenging pattern to face is to learn how to begin something again. It’s easy to lose sight of starting something for the sake of learning or progress itself, simply because we tend to stop practicing. 

This can be directly related to learning what it means to feel. Learning how to feel not only encapsulates what is desirable but also what we attribute as being unwanted or uncomfortable. 

In my own life, this meant allowing myself to feel the charge of anger and sadness, without any need to immediately fix or transmute, as well as not outwardly project this onto another. What did it feel like to give myself the experience of anger? To let myself feel the charge of this energy coursing through my body, grateful for the opportunity to experience myself in that way. It becomes invigorating if you allow it. And more importantly, it can be the stepping stone towards something you’ve always wanted.

We are collectively beginning to tap into the importance of the entire spectrum of our emotions more than ever before. There is such intimacy between feeling and living. Fully feeling our way in the present, which means practice feeling deep joy as much as deep anger (when it arises), so as to not create an aversion to ‘pain’ and an attachment to ‘joy’. To give your body the experience of feeling everything, without immediately attempting to change it or attaching a prior understanding to this current experience. 

Therefore, with this knowledge we have the opportunity to be easy with ourselves and be easy with others. 

This is why I constantly remind myself that “I’m learning”… 

And guess what?! Even so called ‘experts’ are learning. Theories are just stepping stones to other theories, simply due to the nature that EVERYTHING is evolving. Which means our understanding of everything is evolving as well.

So as you begin to understand yourself better, remember to free those around you of needing to fit into the mold that can very well change for you in a heartbeat. Be open to learning something new and most importantly, be open to being someone new.

After all, we’re all learning how to be human! 😉

With great love,

Dr. Ryan

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