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    "Dr. Ryan is a compassionate and gifted healer who is wise beyond his years. His talents have helped me to reset my body and spirit on a path of wellness and personal fulfillment. His work encompasses our physical, mental, and spiritual natures and brings healing on all levels. What a treasure to have in our lives!"

    T. V.

    "Dr. Ryan is a very caring, thoughtful, and focused practitioner. I am very grateful for his excellent care. He's helped me through some difficult times and several difficult health situations. I've seen many practitioners in my lifetime, but Dr Ryan's incredible skills stand out amongst them all. I highly recommend him!"

    M. R.

    "So thankful to have found Dr. Ryan! What a wealth of knowledge and healing! Very much looking forward to additional sessions with Dr.Ryan and having him guide me to take better control of my health. After only one visit and implementing the changes he has suggested, I am already feeling much better! Don't miss out on the opportunity to make profound changes in your own health, I'm so glad I went out of my comfort zone and tried something new, and you will be too!"

    O. D.

    “It’s hard to describe the work Dr. Ryan does except to say that he is an intuitive healer who astutely tunes into what you need. He will listen to your concerns and assess for underlying triggers causing an imbalance. As a traditionally trained physician, his kinesiology expertise is over my head, but I have grown to trust his unique work. He is unlike many who do bodywork with fleeting results that quickly revert back to old patterns. His adjustments result in lasting positive changes. I am grateful to have relief from a deep karmic nerve pain that was resistant to a number of treatments. I sleep better than I have in years. Kudos to Dr. Ryan!! Highly recommended!”

    C. A.