Having served thousands of clients both in my own 5-star wellness center and beyond, I'd love to share with you some of the incredible changes they've experienced!

"Dr. Ryan, your thirst for knowledge is matched by your unusual ability to implement it. That paired with your caring heart and desire to make a difference creates a true gift in this world. Please keep sharing and learning as the world needs more wonderful people like you."
Dr. Scott Vrzal, DC
“My experience with Dr. Ryan has been nothing short of amazing, incredible and divine. From my initial conversation with Dr. Ryan over the phone it felt as though I was talking to someone who could finally put words and language to the feelings and emotions I was struggling with at the time. From the very first in-person session I experienced with Dr. Ryan I felt so held in his compassion, presence and true care for my well-being. I have had countless revelations, releases and breakthroughs in my sessions with Dr. Ryan and have watched my life unfold and expand into more than I ever thought possible. If you are looking to dive deeper than self-help books or lifestyle trends and are ready to TRULY change your life, I recommend Dr. Ryan with every ounce of my being. He has been a true blessing in my life!”
N. C.
"Dr. Ryan is a compassionate and gifted healer who is wise beyond his years. His talents have helped me to reset my body and spirit on a path of wellness and personal fulfillment. His work encompasses our physical, mental, and spiritual natures and brings healing on all levels. What a treasure to have in our lives!"
T. V.
“Dr. Ryan is a healer for the curious. For humans who aren’t satisfied with a surface level assessment. For those who love to learn, to ask questions and to understand. He helped me deepen my awareness of the interconnected web that is our body, mind, and spirit. Through sessions with him, I’ve uncovered and addressed emotional and physical issues in a unique and impactful way. He incorporates chiropractic adjustments that feel traditional in nature, but the work we do together transcends a neat box or label of treatment. Wherever you are on your healing journey, Dr. Ryan crafts a safe and supportive space for you to understand the roots of symptoms, catalyze healing and strengthen your attunement to true self.”
W. L.
​ "Dr. Ryan, Thank you for reinforcing the importance of health and teaching my kids new ways to achieve greatness. You have completely enhanced our lives in the short time we have known you. You are the first doctor that we also call friend. Thank you again for the gift of you."
M. M.
“It’s hard to describe the work Dr. Ryan does except to say that he is an intuitive healer who astutely tunes into what you need. He will listen to your concerns and assess for underlying triggers causing an imbalance. As a traditionally trained physician, his kinesiology expertise is over my head, but I have grown to trust his unique work. He is unlike many who do bodywork with fleeting results that quickly revert back to old patterns. His adjustments result in lasting positive changes. I am grateful to have relief from a deep karmic nerve pain that was resistant to a number of treatments. I sleep better than I have in years. Kudos to Dr. Ryan!! Highly recommended!”
C. A.
"Dr. Ryan, thank you so much for all the health and healing you have provided for our family! Your skill and persistence in treating our various ailments have been such a blessing to us. We are so grateful to be feeling better and will be applying all that you’ve taught us."
The L. Family
"Dr. Ryan is a Master of the healing arts. I am ever so grateful to him. He is dedicated and committed to helping with the healing of the entire being. He has been instrumental in relieving me of pain that I have endured many years and that pain had drained all my energy. It is with Dr. Ryan's help that I now have pain free days. I have more strength and stamina than I've had in many years. He is instrumental in bringing my body into harmony and balance. I now have the opportunity of finding a new life purpose because "I Matter". THANK YOU, Dr. Ryan for the new life as I continue on my journey."
G. M.
“Our whole family (including our dogs) have received healing care and connection from Dr. Ryan. He has been instrumental in helping our young sons develop, grow and heal. He is an extremely valuable asset to our whole family and we are so grateful to have him in our lives.”
A. M.
"Dr. Ryan, there are not enough words to thank you for all of your love, great care, encouragement and wisdom! You are so beyond your years. You’re the best chiropractor I’ve seen in the 38 years I’ve been going to one. You have the sweetest disposition and bedside manner. I wish you all of life’s blessings!"
M. G.
“I was having physical and emotional pain. I had been using the mainstream medical system which was always rushed, complicated and frustrating. I always felt like I had to scream to get them to give me 5 seconds. When I saw Dr. Ryan it threw me off to have someone not rush me, look at me and ask genuine questions. It was my first time in this type of healing environment, but instantly felt something different inside me. I could feel him talking to my body, and my body answering back. He was quickly able to pinpoint things that were bothering me which I had not paid attention to because I thought something else was the problem. Then like a pretzel things began to unwind, and I felt more aligned. It’s been an experience that to this day I can’t find the right words to describe. He’s able to help my body, mind, and for lack of better words “soul or energy” inside me be expressed, moved, or removed. It’s beautiful and what I would describe as a healing experience.”
T. B.
​ "Thank you, Dr. Ryan for being the most compassionate and competent doctor we’ve ever seen! You are a blessing!"
The K. Family
"I'm so amazed by Dr. Ryan's skills. I'm going to him because I'm a whole, integrated person and he gives me whole, integrated care!"
S. S.
"Dear Dr. Ryan, I don’t know what I would have done without you over these past few months. You not only “straightened me out” (literally), but you also helped me understand how my history and my lifestyle and its anxieties have really hurt me and how I can help myself get better. You have been wonderful, supportive, and exceptionally caring."
N. H.
"Dr. Ryan is a very caring, thoughtful, and focused practitioner. I am very grateful for his excellent care. He's helped me through some difficult times and several difficult health situations. I've seen many practitioners in my lifetime, but Dr Ryan's incredible skills stand out amongst them all. I highly recommend him!"
M. R.
"I had a feeling even before meeting Dr. Ryan, that he would be the perfect fit for me in my journey to wellness. I've had years of chiropractic care to help stay healthy and "in tune", but felt I was missing something on how everything in my body was connected (emotionally and physically). Dr Ryan is to me...an amazing human being, incredibly talented, passionate, loving, energizing, motivating, one who gives so much at each visit, makes you feel comfortable being yourself, and cares without judgement. I feel so very grateful for being introduced to him and all that he has done for me and my being thus far. Suffering from years of depression/self doubt and anger, I'm finally getting to understand where it's coming from, thanks to him and knowing how to talk to my body! I know I have a song in my heart that is ready to burst, and feel free!! And I wouldn't be in this beautiful place of self love and learning if it wasn't for him... Thank you for being YOU Dr. Ryan!"
A. W.
"Dr. Ryan is an extremely talented healer with a beautiful soul who cares about his clients and has gone out of his way to help our family heal for many years over several states. We feel so blessed to have experienced his help on numerous occasions and the positive impact he has made on the health of our family has genuinely been life-altering.

Whenever any of us are not feeling 100%--colds, stomach aches, rashes/itchy skin, changes in mood/behavior, we go to Dr Ryan for help. He is always able to provide a reason for the changes and gives us solutions to help our bodies realign naturally. Equally important, his "general maintenance" sessions help us to avoid getting sick in the first place.

Dr Ryan has helped our 7 year old son avoid living with the symptoms of what we can only describe as mild Tourette's Syndrome. The changes we have seen are nothing short of a miracle. When we first noticed the ticks they were so mild we convinced ourselves it was just a bad habit he had formed. As time when on, the intensity, frequency, and duration of these ticks got progressively worse and we no longer could ignore them as a bad habit. As parents, we were devastated and feared his entire future would be permanently changed. Unlike Western Medicine Doctors who would diagnose his behavior as Tourette's and prescribe damaging medication, Dr. Ryan was able to detect the underlying causes that were affecting the functioning of his body, and was able to help him naturally. With Dr Ryan's help, our son's ticks drastically were reduced within days. After a few months, the ticks were completely gone. We can't thank Dr Ryan enough for how much he has helped our son grow to be the healthy happy boy that he is today!

Dr Ryan has also drastically improved my health. For years my energy, attitude, sleep, and abdominal pain have continually deteriorated. I went to see a number of doctors, including a Gastroenterologist who told me I was perfectly healthy. I left feeling discouraged because I knew something was not right. The abdominal pain persisted and eventually I went to get an ultrasound to see if they could see what the source of my pain was. Again I was told I was healthy. Because western medical doctors were never able to diagnose my increasing pain and discomfort, I had no choice but to continue without seeking help. Eventually the pain got so bad I couldn't walk. When I came to Dr. Ryan he was able to give me answers as to why I was experiencing the pain along with solutions to start healing my body. Every time I have a session with him, I can feel myself getting better. He is helping me put the building blocks of good health back into my system. I have more energy than I have had in a years & always look forward to seeing him again. Dr Ryan is a blessing to our family and we could never thank him enough for all he has done and continues to do! We LOVE Dr. Ryan!"
The F. Family
"So thankful to have found Dr. Ryan! What a wealth of knowledge and healing! Very much looking forward to additional sessions with Dr.Ryan and having him guide me to take better control of my health. After only one visit and implementing the changes he has suggested, I am already feeling much better! Don't miss out on the opportunity to make profound changes in your own health, I'm so glad I went out of my comfort zone and tried something new, and you will be too!"
O. D.

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