You Are Becoming

Guess what?! You are always in a state of becoming. There is no absolute definition of you because you are continuously in a state of change. Just like the cells of your body are in an infinite state of movement. So then the question seems to become, “Are you at peace with yourself right now?” With who you are and where you are along the way.

It seems as though one of the most important lessons we are all learning is how to live fully in each moment of life. The willingness to say ‘Yes!’ to life is the embodiment of trust and can be seen in the desire to be here now. This does not mean that you need to feel passionate, inspired, and deeply connected at all times. It simply means that you are willing to learn how to be with every thought, feeling, action, and experience in its fullest capacity – regardless of how the mind interprets it.

This seems to be such an integral part of being human, as it relates to our non-physical spirit or soul. To be human (physically focused energy in a body of expression on earth) is a gift unto itself. To feel, to think, to speak, to act – is truly amazing! 

But we spend so much time worrying about what we have to do, rather than focusing on what we are inspired to do. This seems to be the message that has been floating around for thousands of years from all earthly teachers – gratitude for life itself. There’s nothing to prove, and yet you have the potential to become anything you desire. You are the sculptor and the sculpted, for you get to live through your own creation.

Furthermore, we tend to hear a lot about focusing on a direction or path in life, rather than a destination. But I think it’s important to understand why the destination is important to begin with. How do you think you’ll feel better in having what you want? 

If you can begin to identify the feeling of what you’re searching for (i.e. freedom, ease, playfulness, passion, etc) you can learn how to feel it now. You can connect to the tone of your desire, such that the physical representation of what you’d like to experience is the last step of the equation – rather than the starting point.

So to start, find ways to channel your energy into the creation of something, simply to create. Write a story, sing a song, play a sport, learn a skill… all for the purpose of becoming more and connecting to the feelings of your desires. Instead of defining yourself by the acclaim you receive or the perceived value these acts will bring, let the experience of life itself be the driving force for your continued passion and exploration of the creation of all that you are.

With great love, 

Dr. Ryan

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