I Know Who I Am

‘I Know Who I Am’ is one of the most powerful and freeing declarations we as humans can make. Choosing to know who you are beyond any outside interpretation or influence, is a catalyst for inner peace.

You are exponentially more than the sum of your life experience, without the need to be defined by anything other than who you are, and only you get to decide what that means. More importantly, when you know who you are, it also seems more likely that you can understand your inherent freedom. Freedom of thought, expression, and action, limited only by what the mind can conceive. 

Knowing who you are takes yourself out of the equation of ‘better or worse’ than another, for no comparison is necessary. You need not seek to justify your worth as a reflection of anything other than your inherent worthiness

And yet, it’s still easy to get caught up in the game that so many are playing (an outward expression of deeply unresolved fear or sadness and lack of trust in themselves) especially when following the mind over the heart. The mind is so easily influenced by what others will say, do, think, and feel, simply because it has been trained for our survival.

But when you learn to trust your heart, your mind will follow suit. Did you know there are more signals sent from the heart to the brain, than the other way around? The heart is actually the master control center, and when we connect to the frequency of our collective heart field, we begin to understand that ‘I know who I am’ is also a reflection of ‘I know who you are’. 

You are free to be who and what you are, regardless of the current state of society.

You are free to laugh, breathe, and think however you decide.

You are free to sing, dance, and play whatever way your heart desires.

In other words – I am free to be me and you are free to be you. So challenge any narrative that exists (internal or external) which thrives on chaos, competition, and deceit, and begin finding ways to remind yourself of the truth of who you are.

Because after all, there is no right way to express yourself.

You get to decide! 

With great love, 

Dr. Ryan

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