Daily Dose of Curiosity

Curiosity is the fuel of life. Its energy is the driving force behind inspiration, passion, and creativity. This curiosity is available to us all, and I am continually reminded of how intimately linked it is to the fundamental nature of being human.

However, when absent from our lives, it’s as if our senses are dulled and the interpretation of what we feel becomes exponentially limited. The experience of this can lead down a path of isolation, feeling rooted in a version of reality that seems eerily fixed. Mentally, this can feel depleting, and physically has the power to exemplify the tone of defeat.

I spent years myself witnessing an apathetic tone for life consume seemingly every part of my being. In the process of this, I was being stripped away of all distraction and false belief, while the truth of who I am began to slowly make its way out. I would notice the pull towards curiosity once again, almost as I did as a child. Not to become anything different, but to connect with life again. Doing things because I love them, not because I need to be defined by my level of success or proficiency as it relates to others.

All this time, I was learning how to become more accepting of my deepest insecurities (rather than escaping them altogether) and meeting the curiosity deep within that held the key towards resolution of my programmed thinking and unlocking passionate desires waiting to be known and expressed. 

Through this process, I have found there to be a few simple things that can ignite the spark of curiosity with life (if allowed) through the embodiment of passionate living.

  1. Breathe With Curiosity

If you are alive right now, your body is breathing. But how conscious of this breath are you? It’s easy to get caught in the pattern of only focusing on your breath when looking to calm the body or mind, but the potential of our breath goes much further. There are different qualities to our breath; it can be nourishing, cleansing, exciting, or relaxing, all with the power to heal. By learning to harness the power of your own unique breath, you are creating life itself and developing an intimate awareness of your deepest truth. Be willing to challenge yourself and the capacity of your lungs, so as to explore new possibilities within your own physical body.

  1. Move With Your Body

When the body slows down, the mind slows down as well. Lack of movement can create a drastic change in the oxygenation of our cells, leaving the body more prone to experiencing patterns of stagnant energy (or dis-ease). This stagnation can be expressed as physical pain, diminished function, altered sensory or motor processing, and more. The cells of our body are in a constant state of movement and flow, just like most bodily systems as well. The nervous system (electrical charges of energy moving throughout the body), the circulatory system (oxygen and nutrient delivery to every cell), the lymphatic system (waste removal of toxins, chemical debris, etc) – are all examples of this expression of this flow. 

Just like the body is in a state of flow internally, we have the opportunity to find that flow in our external environment as well. Movement for the sake of feeling, understanding, and knowing is very different from the traditional form of exercise or fitness. Although this has tremendous benefits as well, this intentional movement builds a relationship with self unlike any other. Moving your body for the experience of that moment and the expression of your divinity (without the need to achieve anything) is one of the deepest forms of respect towards yourself. 

  1. Play With Life

Give yourself permission to play regardless of where you are in life right now. When you are stressed and mentally consumed with routine thought, notice if there is a correlation with the lack of (or complete absence at times) of play in your life. This ‘play’ doesn’t just mean recreational sports, enjoyable activities, and the like. I’m also talking about just being playful throughout the day in general – dancing, singing, laughing, or being joyful. Playful with the way in which you choose to move throughout your day and understanding that the expression of this concept of play is up to you and your individual desires. Just know that no matter what you are experiencing right now, you always have the option to play through the temporary discomfort and guide yourself back to love.

With great love,

Dr. Ryan

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