A Letter To My Best Friend

{The following was borne out of a beautiful conversation with my best friend of over 25 years. It serves as a reminder to him, to myself, and to you.}

Life is happening. You get to live it all right now. You are on the path to everything you’ve ever wanted. Find strength by anchoring yourself in this moment, knowing that all of this is happening for you.

Step out without a safety net, knowing that you are safe. You’ll make it wherever you’re going, and you’ll learn to trust not only yourself, but life as well.

You are here to support others through this life experience — we all are. Rather than finding ways around the gripping feelings that consume all thought and sensation, find yourself as you move through it all, remembering the truth of who and what you are. 

Most importantly, remind yourself that all things are possible. You get to discover the full spectrum of human emotion, sensation, and experience, and in the process, get to break the barrier of your own limited thought through the choices you make.

Do you know what else is possible? 

A world in which you can love freely, create openly, and laugh spontaneously, without worrying about who you’ve been in the past or what others think now.

It’s possible that there is more love than hate, more opportunity than limitation, more compassion than pride.

It’s time to not only let go of what weighs you down, but to let in what you desire. To choose the path of ease and allowing through forgiveness and acceptance. 

You get to find the expression of you and to open your heart to the wonder that lies deep within every moment. 

You no longer need to wait for life to happen. 

It’s all happening right now.

With great love,

Dr. Ryan

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